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2015 - 2016 Audition Schedule:


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Audition Tips!!


This is just a quick overview so you can be prepared if you have never come to an audition before. Beginners are always welcome! If you would like more information and practice with audition technique, be sure to check out our upcoming classes!


What to prepare/bring:

Performance/Training Resume (if you have one)

Headshot (picture of you from the shoulders up, if you have one)

                Generally, the audition team will be taking pictures of all the performers as they register.


For Musicals:

You will be asked to sing about 16-32 bars (20-30 sec) of your choice of song

                It is preferred that you have sheet music for the accompanist but you can also sing a capella

You may be asked to learn a dance combination during the audition so make sure to wear appropriate clothing and shoes.


For Plays:

You will be asked to prepare a monologue (about 1 minute long)

                Spend the extra time and memorize your monologue!

                You can find many books, and possibly free, audition monologues online or in a book store.

You also may be asked to perform “cold-readings” from the script

                You will not be expected to memorize these scenes as you will not see them till the audition.


Most auditions give a time block of 2-3 hours. Performers are not be required to attend the whole time although you should plan on anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on how many performers show up. Performers wishing to audition can arrive anytime during the allotted time block. 

Make sure to read the audition announcement carefully; some require that you call to make an appointment!


Upcoming Auditions

Upcoming Shows


Next season workshops to be announced soon!