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American Callboard Theatrical

American Callboard

Our Mission

  • Inspire and nurture growth of community through Information, Education and the Unity of Shared Passion for the arts.
  • Empower performer and audience alike to expand their understanding, knowledge and experience through active involvement in the theatrical community.
  • Provide the theatre community with the most comprehensive resources and tools available to achieve their personal, professional, and business goals.

Our Founder

California transplant Andrea Lathbury, comes from the San Francisco Bay Area. She carries over 25 years of music and performance experience both on and off the stage with over 15 years in live Musical Theatre.

The American theatre community had provided years of wonderful support and memories for Andrea and American Callboard is just one way of giving back. The life of a performer can sometimes be trying. The knowledge that they are not alone and will always have a space to feel at home as well as the support of their fellows is an amazing gift that can sustain a performer through even the most difficult time.

It is her hope that American Callboard can be part of the foundation upon which the theatre community can grow and thrive. Helping to build a connected and integrated society of past, present and future art lovers dedicated to helping one another succeed.

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Our Partners in the Arts

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Mauldin Cultural Center

The Mauldin Cultural Center [MCC] is the product of community partners all with the vision of developing a community Cultural Center for the City of Mauldin on the grounds of the original Mauldin High School and later Mauldin Elementary School.  The building was constructed in 1937 as  a WPA Project and has since seen a few minor updates as the schools grew.  In 2003, the City of Mauldin began the process of purchasing the 14 acre property as the first step toward creating a City Center.  The City constructed the Mauldin Sports Center as the first phase of this initiative on the property and then turned attention to the old school building.  The facility is a city-owned property and is managed by the Office of Cultural Affairs.

Upcoming Auditions

Upcoming Shows


Next season workshops to be announced soon!

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What we do:

  • Production Management
  • Consultation (for new theatre companies as well as experienced ones)
  • Costumes Design/Construction
  • Set Design/Construction
  • Vocal Direction
  • Production Direction
  • Choreography
  • Theatrical Workshops
  • Full scale productions
  • Youth involvement program
  • Community enrichment
  • Fundraising Performances
  • Workshops/classes in Acting, singing, dance, set design and more
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Why we do it:

Theatre productions offer the best of every world. There are the creative aspects, the artistic aspects, the business aspects, the social aspects; just a myriad of outlets for every soul who chooses to pursue this activity.


Community theatre is America's theatre. For a variety of reasons, community theatre thrives in this nation like nowhere else in the world. Seeing the positive impact that it can have on youth, seniors, area businesses, and a community's identity is a humbling but energizing experience.