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Greetings performers and patrons!

As you may have noticed, we do not currently have any shows scheduled for this season. This is due to our facility being renovated!! YAY!

As soon as we have a schedule for the renovation, we will update you on when the next Mauldin auditions will be held and shows will perform.


We are currently looking for a second space to call home (at least during renovations) so we can continue with shows and classes.

If you have a lead on a space that might be open for us, please do not hesitate to call or email ASAP!

Remember, this second space does not have to be in Mauldin - Greenville, Simpsonville, etc. would be great too! 

We just need and open space big enough for rehearsals and classes so basements, warehouses, church spaces...any would work wonderfully!

Have a fantastic year everyone! We look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Upcoming Auditions

Upcoming Shows


Next season workshops to be announced soon!